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Fortune favours the dead

What you see is what you be, with a hop a skip and a jump.

15 July 1980
Ok I thought it was about time I updated my Bio since I havent done it in years. For reference today is the 27th of March 2007.

Hmm.. what to say. Well I'm currently 26 years old, male and have an insane appetite for abstract thought. Philospohy, books, reading, fantasy etc. I'm a strange person and have been referred to as weirdo many times... as well as "Hey, you look like Jesus". ^_^ Oh yeh? Have you met him then?
I'm a goth/metal head. I enjoy all sorts of music but metal and goth are my main interests in music. Though anything from classical to japanese shock rock.
I'm a huge anime fan. I have a HUGE collection of various different animes from the comedy Slayers to more sober and serious animes like X.
I play games, most anything really though I cant stand racing games or any other kind of sport game. I dont wanna play them in real life so why would I wanna play them at home on my comp? ^_^ hehe
But I'm a fighting game god. Or atleast I used to be. I havent played seriously in years so my skills have slipped. I guess you could say I'm retired from the ring? HAHAH ^_^ Though I have never been beaten at a fighting game I'm proud to say.

Lets see... what else. I enjoy out door sports like rock climbing, canoeing etc. Being out in the elements of nature is a wonderful feeling. But I am a hedge-druid so it's only natural.

I'm the kind of person who believes in Honour, Honesty, up holding your principles and virtue. None of which seem to be valued in modern society. Society these days seems to encourage people to abuse one another and use them. It disgusts me. I wish I had been born a few hundred years ago at least. BUT despite this I will always up hold my personal honour and principles. I will never compromise them for anything. Atleast on the day I die I can say that I led a virtuous life if not a rich one. *Rich as in materialistically*
I'm incredibly sentimental and tend to cry at emotional scenes in books, anime, movies etc. Even music... mostly music I guess.

I dont go out much to clubs and stuff but thats only because of where I live. When I go out I have to travel into Glasgow and sleep in the bus station afterwards until the first bus in the morning. And as many of you know, Scotland is a very cold place. So sleeping in a bus station isnt the most pleasant way to spend your night. I usually wait till the weather is better around spring and summer before I go out again.
Why not move house you say? No money ^_^

Well thats all I can think of off the top of my head right now. But if theres anything you think I should add let me know.